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As you write down your goals, don't forget to keep this in mind.

The Goal-Setting Question You Don’t Want to Forget to Ask

‘Tis the season for goal setting… and goal forgetting. Lured by the fresh promise of a new year, many of…

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racial-segregation-67692_640 (2)

The One Thing That Matters About Whoopi and Rosie’s Argument About Racism on The View

There’s an awful lot of fuss about Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell’s recent “heated” argument about racism on The View.…

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These Is My Words

Convalescence and Story Binging

This has been the season of unexpected interruptions. The latest? Surgery, followed by way more recovery time than I would’ve…

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Donna and Jeremy thumbnail

The Best Thing a Reader Has EVER Said to Me

Some pretty awesome things have happened since Gift of the Phoenix made it out into the big, wide world. It’s…

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Donna Cook Fall leaves in Boise

A Newcomer’s Guide to Boise: Observations from an Arizona Transplant

Boise’s nickname is the City of Trees. Trees everywhere you look. Fly into Boise and you don’t see a sea…

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Robin William’s Death Took Me Back Three Years

I found out about Robin William’s passing when I saw #RIPRobinWilliams trending on Twitter. One Google search and 5 seconds…

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Oahu Hawaii Beach

Heaven on Earth

This summer, before my family and I went to Hawaii for the first time, I tried to make sure I…

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Bruno Sand Dunes

On Sand Dunes, Perseverance, and Dodging the Heart Attack Bullet

My son taught me a lesson the other day. During Spring Break, we took the kids on a day trip…

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Laurie signing my book. Yay!

Don’t Tell Me What NOT to Read

The highlight of my experience at the 2014 Tucson Festival of Books was two panels, both with Laurie Halse Anderson.…

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Studio C – Storybook Cafe

My stepdaughters introduced me to this video. Ah, now my secret is out! I love the Calvin and Hobbes reference,…

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