Hubby and I stopped by Multnomah Falls on our way back from the Rose City Comicon in Portland last month. So pretty!

Update on The Lost Branch

Hello my peeps! Thanks for your patience as I kicked my own trash trying to get the next book ready for you. :) (In case you don’t already know, the book is called The Lost Branch and is the follow up to Gift of the Phoenix.)

The good news is the book came back from the beta readers with an overwhelming positive response. I had a few relatively minor things to tweak and that’s it. Oh joy!

The other good news is I’ve just finished the last revisions and the book went into production this week. Hooray! I’ll be announcing release dates and doing a cover reveal over the next few weeks, so stay tuned. Want to give it as a Christmas gift this year? I can tell you now that will be no problem. :)

Those of you on the email list will be the FIRST to know the release date and see the cover. You’ll get an exclusive sneak peek and another bonus as well. :)

Not on the email list yet but want to be? You’re one click away, my friends.

The bad news is… well, thereĀ is no bad news. This is all good, good, good! I cannot wait to share this book with you! I’ve had so much fun writing it and I’m very pleased with the initial feedback. I hope you like it as much as I do! :)

(P.S. The photo at the beginning of this post is of Multnomah Falls, just outside of Portland. Hubby and I stopped by on our way back from the Rose City Comicon last month. I’ll be catching up on my FB page soon, so you’ll get to see more pics of my recent adventures if you follow me over there. :) )

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