Nashua’s Choice is Now in Print

I promised it was coming soon and here it is! You can now get Nashua’s Choice in print directly from…

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A girls trip in Boise. When they saw my books, they insisted on a pic. They're excitement was kinda cool. : (At the fabulous Rediscovered Books in Boise.)

What I’m Up To

**A girls trip in Boise. When they saw my books, they insisted on a pic. Their excitement was fun, since…

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The Lost Branch Artwork RPG

Full Artwork for The Lost Branch

My wonderful husband and professional artist, Kevin McCain, created yet another fabulous piece of art for the cover of The…

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The Lost Branch is HERE!

A portion of ash stuck on the altar at the Rock of Light reveals a mysterious new threat. Corren embarks…

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Hubby and I stopped by Multnomah Falls on our way back from the Rose City Comicon in Portland last month. So pretty!

Update on The Lost Branch

Hello my peeps! Thanks for your patience as I kicked my own trash trying to get the next book ready…

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pug-801826_1280 (2)

Do Not Disturb – Writing in Progress

That’s pretty much the theme around my house these days. You see, I’m in the middle of final edits for…

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flower-810050_1280 (2)

What It Means to Be Authentic

I was having a bit of a crisis not too long ago. You see, I’ve gone through a rather major…

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The Chocolate Shoe short story by Donna Cook

Short Story Award

I feel kinda bad talking about my short story, “The Chocolate Shoe”, winning an award since it’s not anywhere you…

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What to expect from this blog

What You Can Expect From the New Blog

When I decided to move my writing and publishing posts to the new blog on my editing website, that left…

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Kevin McCain Art in the Garden Show

What It’s Like to Live With an Artist

My honey is a professional artist, in case you didn’t know. In fact, he’s the one who created the illustration…

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