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The Best Thing a Reader Has EVER Said to Me

Some pretty awesome things have happened since Gift of the Phoenix made it out into the big, wide world. It’s received wonderful reviews, seven awards, and (most importantly), an absolutely fantastic response from readers.

This may just top all of it.

Meet Jeremy.

Donna Cook author and Jeremy at Boise Christmas Show 2014

Jeremy wasn’t much of a reader. He read what he had to for school and that was about it.

Last year, Jeremy’s mother met me at a show and bought a signed copy for Jeremy for Christmas.

Since it was signed to him, he decided to give it a try.

Know what happened next? Know what he said to me?

“Your book made me a reader.”

Oh happiness! Oh joy!

I admit, I could not contain my excitement. I wanted to know what else he was reading now that he’s a reader.

Leven Thumps and Fablehaven.


And there’s so much more out there for him to discover. Just think of all the wonderful books waiting for him in his future.

I’m so stoked about this!

You know, I’ve always believed that kids who say they don’t like to read just haven’t found the kind of books that interest them yet. Whatever they’ve been exposed to at school hasn’t lit them up so they figure all books are going to be that way. But something out there will light their fire.


That’s why I don’t think it matters what kids choose to read, whether it be graphic novels or science books, so long as they’re reading on their own.

I never thought my book could be that book for someone. That my book could be the one to introduce someone to the joy of reading.

Jeremy, you made my entire weekend.

Thank you.

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