The Chocolate Shoe short story by Donna Cook

Short Story Award

I feel kinda bad talking about my short story, “The Chocolate Shoe”, winning an award since it’s not anywhere you can read it yet.

But only kinda.

Mainly, I’m excited. :)

This is the second award this story has received. The first time was under my married name, Donna McCain. It’s more literary, not fantasy. There will, eventually, be more stories/novels with a literary bent like this one. They’ll be completely different from the stuff you folks have read and I still can’t decide which name they’ll be published under.

In either case, “The Chocolate Shoe” will, presumably, be available to download at some point. (I say this as if it’s someone else’s job to do this. Let’s just pretend it is, so I have someone else to blame, shall we?)

Until then, may I direct you to the real chocolate shoes that prompted the story? They come from a delightful store called The Chocolat Bar (no “e”) and are available to order for those of you who aren’t from the Boise area.

They also have pink sea salt chocolate caramels I highly recommend.

And their bark is amazing.

Actually, everything there is sinfully good and I can only be thankful their store is a tad out of my way or I’d really be in trouble.

If any of you are bold enough to plop down the cash for one of those fantastic shoes, please let me know. I’ll have to live vicariously through you.

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