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Win a Signed Paperback in My Final Goodreads Giveaway

These Goodreads giveaways have been so much fun. I wish I could do more! Win a signed copy of Gift of the Phoenix, a fantasy adventure full of magic, mystery, and a touch of romance.

“This is one of the very best books I have read in a long time. The story line, characters, and locations are established in a manner more indicative of a long established fantasy writer.” – 5-star Amazon Review

“I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful romp by a new author, and highly recommend it. It is a quick read and well crafted. I will read it again and look forward to more of her work.” – Patrick Rowley, Amazon review

A prince is murdered.

An island sinks into the sea.

A thousand-year-old ritual foretells great evil.

A nation’s fate rests in the hands of three strangers, thrust together by their common destiny to protect the Phoenix, and their world, from destruction. The Three must learn to unite in spite of what separates them, and unlock the magic of three stones that seem to harm as much as they help.

Their journey leads through unexpected doors. Along the way they encounter a cursed people, a haunting vision, a woman on the run.

It all begins and ends with the gift of the Phoenix.

Go to my Goodreads Giveaway page to win a free SIGNED copy, then go to to learn more about the book and read a free excerpt.

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