Tucson Festival of Books Wrap Up

Indulge me. I just have to do the blogging equivalent of going “squeeee!” A few last comments about my fabulous weekend at the Tucson Festival of Books.

I already blogged about one Must Do on my list, and that was the panels about censorship and edgy YA literature, both with Laurie Halse Anderson. The other Must Do on my list was listening to Nancy Turner speak.

She’s the author of one of my favorite books, These Is My Words. I adore this book. I’m not a big re-reader, but I’ve read These Is My Words at least five times. Sarah Agnes Prine has to be my favorite female character ever. She has such fantastic spunk, but it’s not overdone like some of the “tough female” characters we’ve seen so much they’ve become stereotypical. Sarah is full of humility, fight, humor, and down-to-earth wisdom. Through trials and triumphs, through loss and love, Sarah is always real.

The inscription on These Is My Words is a line from the book that makes me want to cry, but I won’t spoil it for you by saying what it is. Cuz you’re going to go read the book, right? :)

In spite of the extremely limited amount of space in my carry-on bag, after hearing Nancy talk about her new release, My Name is Resolute, I just had to buy a copy and have her sign that one, too.

Then I had to be really obnoxious and ask for a photo with her.

Nancy Turner and me! Yay!

Nancy Turner and me! Yay!

I couldn’t resist. I mean, look how adorable she is! Of course, I realize I don’t really know her, but she strikes me as a classy lady. In any event, I admire the heck out of her and I’m so grateful for her wonderful books.

My only regret in the book-signing department is the fact that I didn’t take Speak with me. I was seriously cramped for space on the way there (I had a few of my own books in tow). I figured I’d bring Laurie’s new book to read on the plane, so getting her signature on that one would be good enough. But I really wish I’d brought Speak. I loved that book so much and it wouldn’t have taken up that much room. I only had to sit on one side of my suitcase in order to zip it up, which means there was enough room for her book on the other side.

Ah well.

My turn in the Author’s Pavilion was at the very end of the Festival. I had fun signing books and meeting readers. But when my time was up, the Festival was pretty much over. It was so sad. I’d had such a lovely weekend, surrounded by fellow book enthusiasts and fantastic writers. And it was over.

I decided to soak up the last bit of atmosphere by relaxing in the food court and enjoying the creamiest sea salt caramel gelato I’ve ever had. I was going to take a picture of it, but wasn’t fast enough:

gelato at Tucson Festival of Books author Donna Cook

And that was my sun-soaked, literary-laced, taste bud-tantalizing weekend at the Tucson Festival of Books.


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