SLC Comicon Photo Bomb

My last con of the season and it was a doozy! That place was so crowded the fire marshals had to close entry for a while. It was so huge it took me half an hour to speed walk from one end to the other and back. I was there three days and still didn’t see everything.

But I did meet lots of new readers and see lots of great sights. Here are just a few pics. If you haven’t been to a con yet, check it out. They really are a blast.


I really want to do something like this for Halloween one year. It’s so pretty!!




Okay, this is one of my favorite movies from my teen years. I’ve watched it countless times and used to know all the songs (and choreography!) by heart. When I saw these guys I wanted to start dancing and singing!

But I didn’t.

I only took their picture. Aren’t you proud of me?

These actually aren’t regular con attendees, they’re the cast of Little Shop of Horrors playing in Salt Lake. Too bad I wasn’t in town for their performance.

Toothless_at_SLC_Comicon    Toothless_puppeteer_at_SLC_Comicon

I wish I’d taken some video so you could see this lady in action. When she walked around, it totally looked like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. Best puppeteer costume ever.

Thanks to everyone who came to see me in Salt Lake City. Catch ya at the con next year!

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