Idaho Writers Guild and SCBWI Editing Workshop

Recently I had the privilege of participating in the Idaho Writers Guild and SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) Editing Workshop, held at the Riverside Hotel here in Boise. I sat on the morning panel of editors (above) and, along with editors Stacy Ennis and Mary McColl, helped lead the afternoon “Fixer Upper” session. We rounded out the day with one-on-one critique sessions, which was one of my favorite parts.

Actually, I loved the whole day. I find mingling with fellow literary types exhilarating. We tend to be a pretty down-to-earth bunch, full of encouragement and sage advice. And who else is going to get excited about finding the perfect words for the lingering scent of fresh cinnamon rolls?

No one.

On behalf of fellow writers reading this blog, I wanted to share the PowerPoint presentation I made for the Fixer Upper Session. Without supporting commentary, some of these slides may not make a lot of sense. But the slideshow includes a few examples of the kind of edits you may see when working with an editor. You may or may not find those examples helpful. It certainly doesn’t trouble me to share this with you, so I figured, why not?

Here’s the stripped-down Slideshare version (minus the cool animations). Enjoy. Meanwhile, I’m off in search of those freshly-baked cinnamon rolls.

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