Gift of the Phoenix Wins FOUR Awards!

Okay, this is just plain exciting. Gift of the Phoenix won an award in all four categories of the IBE Top Idaho Author and Book Awards.

Top 10 Fiction (all genres) – 3rd place

Best New Idaho Author – 1st place

Best Cover Design – Honorable Mention (designed by my lovely husband, Kevin McCain)

Best Interior Design – Honorable Mention

We enjoyed a beautiful reception at Beside Bardenay in downtown Boise. It’s actually on the Basque block, one of my favorite spots downtown, so the place had good mojo.

Here’s a pic of all the winners, in both fiction and nonfiction:

2013 Top Idaho Author and Book Awards. Photo by Nichole MacDowell.

2013 Top Idaho Author and Book Awards. Photo by Nichole MacDowell.

Some of these faces were new to me, but I’d already had the privilege of meeting several of these talented authors before. I’ve been active in the Idaho writing community for nearly a year now and it’s been such a pleasure. The writing community here is supportive, down-to-earth, and talented.

Some of the winning books I’ve already read, others were already on my to-read list. A few I’d never heard of before that night but they’re on my radar now. I currently have 17 books on my nightstand, waiting to be read. There’s always room for a few more.

Even though this was a nice event and we all dressed up so we could chat in style, and even though I got my five minutes of fame and a much-appreciated pat on the back for my years of hard labor, in the end it felt like getting together with friends.

Donna Cook author Gift of the Phoenix and Kim Foster at the Idaho Author and Book Awards 2013 reception

And that’s what it was.

Thanks to Maryanna Young of Aloha Publishing for putting on the Idaho Book Extravaganza and these annual awards. Thanks to the many, many individuals (publishers, writers, editors, booksellers, avid readers) who make the Idaho writing community what it is. It’s a pleasure to be a small part of it.


6 thoughts on “Gift of the Phoenix Wins FOUR Awards!

  1. Kim Foster

    Donna, you’re an amazing author, and I’m so proud of you! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments, and please don’t stop writing…I can’t wait for your next book!

  2. Freddie Proctor

    Hi Donna.
    What a wonderful write up, you are a very talented writer and Im so glad that you are getting the recognition that you deserve, cant wait to see whats next.
    Freddie Proctor

  3. Barbara Boyle

    Hi, Donna

    I met you briefly at FantasyCon in Salt Lake City on July 5th. I enjoyed talking with you so very much. I’m the “old” lady who admired you for not waiting for all the kids to be gone before pursuing your talents. My question for you is: Is there a comparable organization like the Idaho Writer’s Guild or IBE Idaho Authors and Book Awards in the state of Arizona? I presently live in AZ part-time and in Idaho part-time. You said you used to live in AZ, so I thought perhaps you might have some information.

    I bought your book and am into Chapter Two. So far, I love it! Thanks for your kind encouragement at FantasyCon! Barbara Boyle

    1. DonnaCookDonnaCook Post author

      Hi Barbara! I remember you. :) Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the writers’ organizations in Arizona because my first book was published in Idaho. When I wrote the book (in Arizona) I was quietly typing away with my little munchkins under foot. I hadn’t ventured out into the writing community yet. I just did a quick search and the Arizona Authors Association may be worth investigating. Good luck and feel free to keep in touch. Thanks also for reading my book. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. :)


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