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Nashua’s Choice

For thousands of years, a secret society has guarded the magical ash of the Phoenix. Now the Glorious Bird is set to rise again and the new ash must be gathered.

But something goes terribly wrong. The Phoenix is in danger and charges Nashua with protecting its magic from those who would steal it. To save her world and all those she holds dear, Nashua must make an impossible choice.

The novella Nashua’s Choice is the first installment of the prequel to Donna Cook’s full-length fantasy Gift of The Phoenix. You can read Gift of the Phoenix and Nashua’s Choice in any order.


“I am impressed with Nashua’s Choice. She enchants me and I grieve for her plight. It is a marvelous new piece of your Phoenix story. Truly, a pleasure to read. I found the hole in the page, crawled in, and wrapped the story around me.” – Patrick Rowley


Read an excerpt.

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